Voted the world's most unique whale watching adventure, check out Captain Dave's Whale and Dolphin Safari schedules and rates below.

Top Reasons to Join Captain Dave's Orange County Whale Watching and Dolphin Safaris

  1. Orange County has more blue whales in the summer months and year-round dolphin than anywhere on earth. Orange County whale watching trips have the best overall weather conditions in the world.

  2. Only aboard Orange County whale watching safaris can you experience the world's only boat with two Eye-to-Eye Underwater Viewing Pods! See dolphins and whales underwater without getting wet during your whale watching in Orange County trip. BE one of the pod!

  3. We are the only whale watch company in the world to broadcast Orange County Whale Watching trips LIVE daily at

  4. Never crowded! We take a maximum of 49 passengers on our high-speed, high-tech Orange County whale watching catamaran sailboat Manute'a.

  5. Hear the dolphins underwater during your Orange County whale watching trip with our Research Hydrophone.

  6. Three 'Eye-Spy Dolphin Nets' for a very up-close encounter!

  7. We have an incredible collection of whale and dolphin artifacts for you to see & touch.

  8. Captain Dave and his team have been recognized world wide for their conservation and whale rescue efforts.

  9. Captain Dave produced an award-winning film, "Wild Dolphins & Whales of Southern California" and a new book "Lily, A Gray Whale's Odyssey".

  10. The entire Orange County whale watching team loves dolphins and whales!

  11. Orange County whale watching is a real eco-tourism company, we have never offered fishing trips. And no whale watching on a fishing boat.

  12. Mrs. Capt. Dave's complimentary, yummy, Triple Fudge Brownies.