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Orange County Whales

Southern California has the largest concentration of blue whales of anywhere on earth!

While whale watching in Orange County, California, we generally see Gray Whales between December and early May on their annual migration between Alaska and the lagoons of Baja. In the months between May and November we see giant Blue whales. And year round we see huge Fin whales and Minke whales. Occasionally, we get a special visit from Killer whales, Humpback whales, false Killer whales and Sperm whales.

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Blue Whale Gray Whale Minke Whale Killer Whale Humpback Whale Fin Whale False Killer Whale Sperm Whale

Orange County Come Whale Watching With Captain Dave's World Famous Dolphin Safari, Voted Most Unique Whale Watching Voyage

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Our trips are very intimate, we only take 49 passengers at a time maximum on our
high-speed, high-tech catamaran sailboat that features two Eye to Eye Underwater
Viewing Pods, Hydrophone, micro whale and dolphin museum and more.

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