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A few of the wonderful letters we have received from people all over the world: 

Hi there!

My name is DJ Duronslet, and I happen to be one of the VERY fortunate people that was on your boat today - when we came upon a pod of Fin Whales... I can't even BEGIN to tell you how incredibly surreal the entire experience was....

We were all in shock, that many of us missed camera opportunities --- it was hard to resist just watching with your jaw dropped, and your mouth wide open... The "oooooo-ing and awwww-ing" was constant.... We even saw them breach!!! AMAZING...

At times, we were surrounded... Literally, there were whales all around us.... SOOOOO close to the boat that a couple of times, they startled me!!!

It was the most fabulous trip I have ever experienced... This was my 5th trip with your company - and I know for sure that I will be a customer for life - - - not because I have ANY hope of duplicating today's experience... I sincerely doubt that anyone could be so fortunate as to have that happen TWICE - but - - because of the generosity shown us today by extending the boat trip...

We had dolphins - whales - and the most beautiful sunset I've seen in forever.... I can't begin to thank you enough....

I am sending you the best video I have - thus far.... I understand that you need these quickly.... If I find anything else that you can perhaps cut/paste, etc., I will send that to you as well...

Thanks again... 

Warmest Regards, 

DJ Duronslet


Hello Captain Dave,

I just wanted to tell you that my wife and I had a wonderful trip on with you on November 10th. I don't know if you remember me, but I was wearing the USC sweatshirt and hat.

We really enjoyed our time with you and were really blessed by your presentation at the conclusion of our trip. I knew that you were a Christian by your presentation and it was a real blessings to hear you speak in your subtle way about how evolution could not be right.

We bought your DVD, and what a tremendous DVD it is!!! I really enjoyed the whole DVD, but especially the last scene where you show the different dolphins and whales jumping out of the water with the song "Let Everything that has breath praise the Lord" playing in the background. I could really see that those animals were praising the Lord and it made my heart glad! I was rejoicing with them and thanking God for such a awesome creation He made for us to enjoy!!

Keep up the great work! We hope to see you some time soon. And we plan on bringing our sons and their girlfriends and maybe others with us.

God Bless You,

Pastor Chuck Franco


I wanted to email you and let you know what a great time we had on our dolphin safari July 4th, 2005. We had planned a family vacation to the San Diego area and read about your trips in the AAA book. I called and booked our "safari" a few weeks in advance. The women who answered the phone was very friendly and helpful. She gave us all the information we needed to be prepared and have a wonderful time. As we boarded the boat, "Captain Bob" and Mark instructed us on what to expect and were very friendly. It wasn't too long before we were in the middle of a pod of dolphins. What an outstanding experience. To see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat made me realize just how special this really was. We saw very small dolphins probably only 1-2 days old. Mark was very knowledgeable and shared many facts that made watching these dolphins more enjoyable. Our vacation is now over, suitcases unpacked, film developed, suntans fading however, we all agree the dolphin safari was the best part of the family vacation. Thank you very much for such as wonderful experience we plan to visit Dave's Dolphin Safari again. 


Scott and Lisa Worden , Eugene, OR


We have been on Captain Dave's safari adventure at least four times, and always have a good experience, whether we see dolphin's or not. The staff is friendly and make the whole experience pleasant, from making reservations to the brownies at the end of the trip. Dave is knowledgeable and fun to travel with. We will return as often as we can.

Chris Stafford


We Loved it and are planning on coming back. Thanks for a great family day. 

Ronna Hughes 


We had such a great time on your boat, the miles of dolphins we came into made our trip unforgettable!

Will definitely book again this summer and bring the kids next time. Thanks again

Joanne Rhodes

Charles Fitzsimmons


Boat was great and just the right size for getting up close & personal with dolphins. I like the smaller size boat.

We had a great time and kids loved it too. Enjoyed your DVD very much and have watched it several times since! (We've recently moved from so. Cal. to Minnesota, so we desperately miss the ocean!) Thanks so much for all the information about dolphins and whales.

Raze Family


I had a wonderful experience. We saw everything that we had hoped for. It was a dream come true for my wife. We plan on taking this safari again when we are in the area. Thank you for memories we will have for a life time.

Bill Moodyman


Hi, we went on one of your safari adventures last summer (June 6) my birthday present to James while we were over visiting my brother. We had a wonderful time and still talk to our friends of it now...showed them the DVD too. We will come again the meantime it is lovely to have your very informative updates. Thank you again for a memorable time!!

Suzanne Cannings and James Richards, Stafford, Staffordshire in England


dear dave,i just want you to know how much my wife joan,and i enjoy your updates on the ocean activity.we came about 9 months ago for a ride on your boat and realy enjoyed the experiance.we came to try and see blue whales,but no luck on that day.we still enjoyed the day.thank you for efforts on the well being of such great creatures.keep up the good work.

kirk miller


You won't remember us Dave and Giselle, but we are family from Cheltenham who went out with you last August and had a great time,e. We saw several common dolphins and no whales, but as we read your report each time it arrives, we can really imagine what you're seeing. We bought your video and watch it a lot. I really want my children to appreciate the beautiful world, and recognise it is worth working for, so thanks for keeping sharing this with us. 

Ruth in the U.K.


Hi Captain Dave

My son and I have been whale watching with you and he is amazed. Seems to me like he has been writing a story which looks like might turn into a book. I am going to foward to you. Thank you so much for the fun and facts you have taught to my son and I.

Pauline & Joshua


We enjoy the dolphin/whale trips and plan on coming again and bringing with us four (4) German Exchange students (high schoolers) from Dusseldorf. Can I get a discount for the six of us, say for Thursday, March 24th? We will be staying at Capistrano Surfside Inn that week. 

Thank you, Avery & Sally Richey 


I don't know if I will ever be down in that area again to take a trip, but I had a fabulous time on the trip I DID take....we saw 4 blue whales and stayed out so long I had a $30 parking ticket, which was worth every penny. I enjoy receiving the email updates.

:Linda Smith


THANK YOU again for this correspondence. I am here in the Midwest with a 15 degree below zero wind chill factor but my heart is in Dana Point.

Hope to be able to return and work around that fabulous ocean again.

Linda Swift


Just wanted you to know that I've told everyone I know about what a great experience we had with you folks. I can't imagine a better way to spend a couple hours at sea. I really hope to get back to see you again. Thank you so much!

Kirstin Mooney


Hi Dave and Gisele:

Thanks for the updates. I have been on your trip several times and have taken family members and friends along, as well. We have all enjoyed the experience. I would like to order two DVDs...could you please respond via e-mail or phone with instructions for the transaction? 

Thanks. Amy Tyson


Thanks so much for keeping us informed of all the sightings! We are sending some friends to see you this holiday season. I have forwarded several of your emails to them and they contacted you guys and are excited about their upcoming trip! I would like to order a copy of the video and would really appreciate it if you could email me the form to order it asap so that I might get it in time to watch while my daughter is out of school over the holidays. We wish we could be there to see the parade of boats!!

MarySue Edwards


Let me just say that I was very happy with all aspects of the experience (on 8/30/04 at 9 AM). After an uneventful morning, we hit a mega-pod of common dolfins! All of the staff were polite and helpful each time I called. I have already sung your praises to many. I forward your email updates to my daughter and son-in-law who live in Laguna Niguel as they can easily take advantage of current happenings. I do intend to take another "tour". Thank you.(And by the way, the brownies are delicious!)

Michelle Hart 

August, 2004 


My family and I spent a really great day with you in August spotting dolphins and we bought your DVD - which my girls watch often, now!

Joe Hines 


Way to go guys! We’ve been on your boat twice now and when I was at Proud Mary’s restaurant this morning and saw your video, I had to get it. It was worth the wait. I’m glad you guys did that. We went on the Ocean Institutes tour a month a go and didn’t see any blues so we’ll for sure catch you guys next season.Do you by any chance have season passes available?

Thanks again, keep it up.

Dave DeGroff


Everything is perfect and tons of fun. I can't really think of anything that would make my trip more enjoyable.




My two young girls & I had an awesome experience. Great We'll do it again for sure. Yours costs a little more than the others out of Dana Pt. but worth the extra $ for the great boat and knowledgeable, friendly and helpful crew. I've already recommended your company.

Sue Dvonch


We loved BOTH of the Dolphin Safari adventures we went on (Aug. 28? and Sept. 8). We had a wonderful experience with both Captain Dave and Captain Bob. It was well worth the cost and we have already told several people about it and plan on going again in the winter to hopefully see the gray whales. I had sent Gisele a message regarding our last trip out (Sept 8) and trying to receive a picture or pictures of the blue whale we saw. If you could help me with that I would be very grateful! Thank you for offering such an amazing sea experience!!! 

Peggy Granger


My son and I had a fabulous time on Aug. 14th, 2:30 outing. The pictures we snapped help remind us of the huge pod of dolphins you found and 3 blue whales! I have watched, and loaned, the video several times and recommended your safari to a lot of my {dental} patients here in Phoenix. Thanks to Mike Cortright for telling me and thanks to you and your staff for a memorable and educational afternoon. 

Connie Lewis-Poston


My husband and I had a great time. The boat captain and guide seemed to really enjoy their jobs and really wanted us to have the best experience. They went out of their way to find dolphins and to try to find whales for us. Enjoyed the informative talk at the end. The brownies were also really wonderful. We had an excellent time. We'd love to come back sometime, but not sure when we will make it as we live in Colorado and have a baby on the way in September. Thanks so much for a great time.

Kelly Allison-Pickering


We are coming out from Kansas to visit our twin grandsons in August, and look forward to another trip with you. This time, the boys hope we see whales. We got into an incredible pod of dolphins last time out. What an adventure. Your "rides"are becoming part of our regular itinerary. Thanks for keeping us posted on what's happening.

Mary Ellen and Larry Brook


I have been around boats all my life and own a center console. Your boat was outstanding!! First time on that type of boat and the trip was GREAT!!!

You have a great thing going!! Its hard to improve when you count on nature to lend a helping hand..

Thanks for the ride and we will be back again..



We ad a blast and the crew were very infomrative.

Debbie Pence

September, 2004


We went on our dolphin safari adventure on Sat. July 10th and it was wonderful!! The water was rough and we were warned before leaving that we could choose to reschedule but we were brave and set off. We ran into a large pod of long-nosed dolphins (I think Captain Dave said 100-200) and it was magnificent! My daughter's (age 8)favorite animals are dolphins so she was way out there with the water splashing all around her knees and watching them jump! It was the trip of a lifetime and we all loved the experience.

MarySue Edwards 


You get top rating on everything...except the counter help. That was average. As for the boat...I loved it...loved getting a bit wet, loved being so close, loved riding out on the bow....

Linda Smith


We really like your emails, we get very excitied with the latest updates. Keep up the good work!!! We've been on two safari adventures and plan to come back soon.


Amanda and Neil


A wonderful time and an educational experience !

Stephanie Thinnes


Our sailing with Captain Dave was wonderful!! We are recommending it to our family & friends.We sailed on Tues. 7/27 at 11 am. saw so many dolphin and LOVED it!!Will do it again someday, Lord Willing!!

Keep up the great work.

Linda & Bob Loscalzo


No need for improvement that I can see. Love the brownies. Keep up the fantastic work!!!



Dear Gissele,

Please forgive me for not writting sooner. Back in July, I brought my family to celebrate my 40th birthday. It was the first time on Capt. Dave's for my mom, mother-in-law, brother, sister-in-law, my husband and oldest son. We ALL had a great time, even though we did not see any blue whales.

My mom can't wait to come back. I'll send her your latest message about the return of the Blues.

As my mom & I spoke later she said, "I wonder how much a cat. costs." She really looked like she could live on one, she liked it soooo much.

Thanks for giving so many people a great gift.

With gratitude,

Simone Laffin

P.S. We bought your DVD and loved it. I was blessed to hear "Everything That Has Breath" at the end. We attend Calvary Chapel Murrieta and know the song well. God Bless you & your family.


Thank you so very much for the sighting updates!

I volunteered with the public tanks at the Ocean Institute for two years and took many trips on the Explorer. I was able to see the blues twice. I have had to move out of state to take care of business but hope to return to Dana Point within a couple years. Correspondence like this is life blood.

I had never been on a Dolphin Safari adventure until a recent trip back. I signed up as soon as I saw the photographs in the community center at OI.

You are providing a great community service. Please be sure and keep me on the list!



Capt. Dave:

We want to thank you so much for such a wonderful trip. It so exceeded our expectations! We were visiting from Fair Oaks, Ca (Sacramento area) and booked a trip for my husband and I, my mother in law and our 9 yr old son. All of us had such a great time. Not only was the experience fun but also educational. The 'mega-pod" of dolphin we viewed were mesmerizing. Since our return home, when asked about our trip to So. Cal. we say by far the best thing we did was go on Capt. Dave's Dolphin Safari. We have friends headed south next week and they are considering booking a tour. We told then to say hi for us, and next time we're in OC, we'll be booking another boat ride!

Thanks for a great experience and fabulous family memories!

Peter, Bobbi and Ethan 

Fair Oaks, Ca


Captain Dave,

During the week of July 18, I had the incredible and most memorable experience aboard your boat for the dolphin safari adventure. Your crew's diligence in finding the dolphins, their ability to create enthusiasm and educate the passengers is to be commended. I can't wait to visit you for the whale season! We really are enjoying your DVD in the interim.

Thank you again for one of the the most memorable experiences of my life.


Karen Jamieson 



After I thanked you for the shipment of the cd's and the shirts I meant to share our dolphin safari trip with you. 

Our family went out around July 9th on the 11:00 trip. My son is a whale fanatic with dolphins as his second favorite. We were enjoying the journey and heard Captain Dave tell us that his earlier trip that day had produced no dolphin sightings at all. He said he didn't expect to see any perhaps because the water was choppy. As we were all looking intently at the water on our way back to the harbor I began to pray. My request was simply, Lord, you made the dolphins, I know they are down there...please bring them to the surface. As I said before, my son is a whale fanatic with dolphins as his second favorite. I'd say ten minutes passed and up came a whale... a Menke whale. He was so excited and so was our family.

The quote all the way back to Phoenix was,"You pray for a dolphin, and God gives you a WHALE!"

For us, it was the highlight of our trip, that one glorious sighting...

that one simple answer to prayer.

Thanks again,



Dear Dave and Gisele,

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the magnificent trip last Sunday. My friend and I are both dolphin fanatics and had been on your boat in March; we decided on Friday that we needed to go see some dolphins and who better to find them than Captain Dave. So we left on Sunday morning from Phoenix, Arizona, took the 2 o'clock boat, then rove back the same day!!! And I would do this every weekend if I could. I have swam with the dolphins three times at Sea World but nothing compares to actually encountering them in their natural habitat. Words can not describe how beautiful it was to look all around you and see nothing but dolphins!!! We will definitely be back, we have planned to go at least three times a year!!!


Freda Catalan







Dear Captain Dave,

I am writing to thank you for the highlight of our 2 week visist to California. My husband, Felix, is home

on leave from a 2 year unaccompanied tour in Korea, so we decided to vacation with the family in California. Of course we did all the usual tourist things: Disney, Universal Studios, Hollywood, Knott's Berry Farm, San Francisco, and Sequoia National Park. While we were in LA, I found an article about Dave's Dolphin safari adventure in Southern California Magazine. We decided to make a reservation and went on the 10 o'clock trip on Saturday, June 5th. It was amazing! Our sons, Jonathan (15years old on the 6th of June) and Christian (10 years old) both said it was the best part of the whole vacation. We saw a huge pod of dolphin, and Christian was hanging off of the boat! He even touched several dolphin! Thank you so much for such an awesome opportunity. We were all blessed to see God's creation up close and in their natural habitat.On the way back, Dave sold us a copy of his video and he signed it. We were all thrilled and the boys watched it on the DVD player in the car on the way home. I was planning to take it to school (I am a teacher) and share it with our science teachers. Sadly, on the very last night of our vacation, our van was broken into and all of our electronics, videos, games, and DVDs were stolen. It was a very sad morning for us to wake up to this theft. However, God is good, and the van was unharmed and we are fine. 

Things can be replaced. So, can we purchase another copy of the video? How do we do that? Will you

autograph a new copy?Thank you again from the whole Vallone family. Please email me at this email address if we can purchase a

new video.

You are an amazing blessing to many people!By the way, the brownies were so delicious. Do you share the recipe?


The Vallone Family Felix, Lorri, Jonathan, and Christian

El Paso, Texas


We went on the Dolphin Safari on Christmas Eve. day on the 2:00 boat. We had a sort of uneventful trip until it was time to head back to the harbor when Captain Dave announced he had sighted a megapod of dolphins and did anybody want to persue this. We all did and it was an unbelievable experience!! Thank you to Capt. Dave for the extra time he took and I sure hope he had time to get his wifs a Christmas present!! Everyone we encountered was very gracious and courteous and the brownies were wonderful! We will definitely be back on our next trip to California.

Lori Wilson

(Note from Mrs. Capt. Dave - Yes, he made it to Costco with only minutes to spare before the doors closed, and I received a beautiful bracelet! )



I wanted to send you a huge heartfelt thank you! We are from Kansas City, Missouri. We visited California in July with nothing at all planed except for a trip on the Dolphin Safari. My partner and I took this trip for a four day weekend escape. She is a dolphin maniac; her room is wall-to-wall dolphins and had never seen a live dolphin up close and personal except on television. I wanted to surprise her with some sort of dolphin encounter while in California. I found your website while searching for a way to pet/see/be close to a dolphin while we were in California. We booked our trip and had an awesome time with the Captain and the safari adventure. 

Not only did we see a few hundred dolphins dancing and playing along the boat, we were able to spot two blue whales fluking their mighty tails for us. Needless to say, my partner was in heaven. I think we both stood there with tears in our eyes...with complete amazement. We had both seen this for the first time and it was wonderful! What was even more amazing, we were able to see the blue whale, when we arrived back at the boat port some of the fisherman there were telling us they have not seen a blue whale in that part of California for over 45 years. We can't thank you enough for this experience and are already talking about our next trip out to California JUST to take another dolphin safari tour!

We were on the July 25th, 2003 Dolphin Safari trip, at 9am. I am sure the Captain will remember us; we were the ones stuck on the freeway and was a little late. So please pass along our gratitude to everyone for this wonderful experience. If you would please, could you also pass along an extra thank you to the lady who helped us get there? I never caught the lady's name who helped me, but the lady talked to me on my cell phone the last 10-15 minutes on the way there, we were stuck on the freeway and running late and afraid we would miss the trip, she was so kind! We will be seeing you again very soon!


Paula and Renee, Kansas City, Missouri.


Hello Captain Dave,

Just wanted to thank you on behalf of my whole family who really enjoyed the dolphin/blue whale experience-that you provided. We were on your boat last Sunday afternoon (July 6, 2003) , on the 4:30pm tour, when you went out a little further and we got to see the blue whale. Man that was incredible and the dolphins were the icing on the cake. Plus my mom loves dolphins, so that was an even bigger treat for her. Anyhow, we talked about it the whole week and mentioned how much we not only enjoyed the whole experience, but that how unexpectedly cool you were about asking for our general opinion of what we wanted to do or see. Plus following the whale, so we could all get a good look over and over. Overall, once again thank you for providing us with such a rare and unique lifetime experience. I am defitnitely coming back with other people. And I'm telling everybody I know; co-workers, friends, family. So thank you and hope you keep having wonderfull sightings and I will definitey keep

checking your site, to find updates on your documentary. Thank you.



Hi Gisele -

We came out with you in June on a Dolphin Safari tour and had a wonderful time. The girls would like to come back so, we'd like to set something up. I see there might be a possibility of seeing Gray whales in April - this would be terrific, if possible. The girls had a really terrific time. They are still talking about it and definately want to spend this years cookie profits on taking a dolphin safari. 

Thanks for your help. 

Sue Haas, Leader

Junior Girl Scout Troop 691 


Capt. Dave and First Mate Tom, 

We are back in Wyoming now and I wanted to send you this e-mail to tell you what a great experience we had Thursday morning on the Safari. It was so amazing to be that close to the dolphins and be able to see the whale and her calf. Not to mention the dead dolphin adventure as a bonus.

My grandson, Quinton, has told his mother of the many things he saw and how the dolphins splashed him, how fast they swam and that he even got to drive the boat.

Thanks again for being one of best adventures of our vacation.

Bernice & Dave Madvig 

We had a wonderful time on our Dolphin Safari. We recommend it to everyone whenever we get a chance. It was a very amazing experience, and well worth the time and money. It is one of the first things we talk about on our honeymoon! Any way, we just wanted to thank you. 


Joshua & Jessica Robinson


Captain Dave!!!

Hey there! How are you? Hope all is going well! My sister and I went dolphin watching with you back in November(2000) and I must say, we had a great time! We tell everyone about you! We were actually referred to you by my sister's boyfriend, Tom, who took a few of his nieces and nephews to see you.Anyway, I have a story to tell you... I was highly disappointed with my whale watching experience last week in San Diego(My friend and I spent Spring Break in California, visiting our siblings together)... It wasn't my fault,

because I clearly stated to my friend that you were the best guy to go whale watching with, but she and her brother and sister in law would not listen to me... Let me explain! We were on a boat with literally 100 other people. 30 of those people were children, running around, screaming. Another 40 of those people had their faces in plastic bags the whole time... And the rest were trying hard to spot whales to no avail... :( We saw maybe one whale the whole 3 hours we were out there... We saw a ton of dolphins off in the distance, but did the Captain turn round so we could see them? Of course not.. :( I kept reminding my friend (And other passengers on the boat) that YOU ("Captain Dave in Dana Point") only allow a few people on your boat, which makes it a much more relaxed boating experience :) Next time I am in California visiting my sister, we will definitely go dolphin/whale watching with YOU again! You may be a little more expensive than the whale watching "tours" in San Diego, but you are well worth it! By the way, when we were on our way to Catalina Island, leaving from Dana Point, I saw you and your new boat! It looks great! Well, anyway, I just wanted to let you know you are a great Captain and I can't wait to go dolphin/whale watching with you again SOON! Take care and please, never turn into one of those commercial whale watching tours like the ones in San Diego! ;)

Yours truly,

Lauren Phelps


Hello, all of you! 

Dave and Gisele, first of all I want to THANK YOU so much for a fantastic time on the water on your beautiful new boat. It was a magical afternoon and evening out here, skimming the gentle waves with the sun going down and the birds flying overhead, and that's before I even get to the part about whales and dolphins!

I will never forget standing on the bridge between the catamarans, looking down at dolphins' backs as they swam with us and surfaced, with hundreds more all around, and the incredulous and joyful expressions Katelyn and I exchanged as we took it in together. I think it is something she will always remember, too. And the humpbacks were such a bonus! What a rare treat to see them, and so close, for so long. It was great to be with a group who could really appreciate them. And I was really glad that the outing was extra special for the two of you-- especially as your 4th trip of the day, Dave. I'm glad that your maiden whale watching trip on the new Sea unner was such a memorable one!

Thank you, again, for such a memorable gift. All six of us had a great time (and enjoyed the famous brownies)!

Till next time! Always, Gail & Family


Hi Captain Dave, 

hope you are ok. 

Its Alison and Victoria, with the five people that came in August from England.Do you remember? anyway thank you for taking us on the boat trip, we really enjoyed it! We have also sent you a picture of Victoria riding your boat, (see below). Thank you again 

The Burts 


To Captain Dave, 

From: The Duran Family(Covina) 

I don't know if you remember us but we were one of the families that you gave a trip to see the dolphins. My dads name is Dave too. Well my family wanted to thank you for that memorable trip. Seeing all those dolphins was sooo beautiful. We really admire what you do and think its great job. Thank you very much for a great memory and something we will never forget. We will definitely come back again. 

Thank you!!! 

5 year old Austin Holik says : 

" Captain Dave's Dolphin Safari is more fun than Disneyland!!" 


Dear Captain Dave, 

Our family enjoyed the Dolphin Safari tour. We have been on many dolphin and whale watch trips before, and we found your narrative the most informative. The gray whale baleen sample was very neat and the kids liked your dolphin and whale models. I'll never forget the look of joy on my son Austin's face as he watched the dolphins playfully bow-ride and breach. We are looking forward to our next ocean adventure with you. 

Thanks very much, 

The Holik Family 

Winthrop Harbor, IL 

"Dolphins win over Super Bowl!!!!"


Dear Captain Dave, 

My husband, two close friends of ours from San Jose, and I were out at sea with you on the Saturday before Super Bowl this year. We all wanted to thank you for the incredible experience. There must have been hundreds of dolphins splashing around out there. We were so awe struck that we must have spent the whole two hours up at the bow.


We're natives of Southern California and never took advantage of such a wonderful resource as your dolphin safari. We've begun to tell all our friends and we plan on coming back to see you and your marine life next week!

Warmest regards,

Shane and Soyoun Lansing

Mission Viejo, CA

PS- in my opinion, the dolphins were much more exciting than the Super Bowl : )


Captain Dave, 

...We went on an early morning Dolphin Cruise the day before Thanksgiving. My wife, 2 daughters and I were in awe when we saw the Dolphins. There must have been several hundred in the pod. We spent a good 1 1/2 to 2 hours just watching the dolphins, both above and below the water. It is something that we will remember forever. Both of our daughters said it was the most amazing thing they had ever seen.

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