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Captain Dave's "Wild Dolphins and Whales of Southern California" documentary has won numerous awards.

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"Wild Dolphins & Whales of Southern California"

“A beautiful, fascinating and informative look at the incredible dolphin and whale life off the Southern California coast.” David Sheehan –Hollywood Close-ups

Now for the first time ever, you can see a side of California that few have ever seen.

Captain Dave Anderson spent five years producing, filming and narrating this award-winning 64-minute film while conducting his Dolphin and Whale Safari expeditions from Dana Point, California. He filmed these mammals from the air and under the sea within a few miles off shore. Also included is footage from the Channel Islands, Monterey, Santa Barbara and Baja California.

The spectacular never-before-seen footage includes: dolphin herds numbering in the thousands, including common dolphins, Bottlenose, Risso’s, Pacific Whitesided, Northern Right Whale dolphin as well as the elusive Blue Whale, Killer, Sperm, Grey, Minke, Humpback and Fin Whales. Southern California hosts the largest dolphin population in the U.S. and more Blue Whales than anywhere in the world.

Whether petting friendly Gray Whales, following alongside 5,000 Common Dolphin or having a 75-foot Blue Whale head directly toward you, learning about these animals has never been more exciting as Captain Dave narrates this unforgettable “best of” safari to the wilds of Southern California.

Produced, Directed and Narrated by David Anderson.
Sleeve and DVD Design by Gisele Anderson.

It will change your perception of the ocean and it’s inhabitants forever.

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Half of the profits from this film are given
to World Vision

They are used to help a small village called Gangawako located in Malawi (in Central Africa). This village has about 1,100 people, many of them orphaned by AIDS. Some of the money has been used to help build a better irrigation system to increase their harvests and some of it has been used for health care, school supplies and education. You can also choose to individually support a child through World Vision. For about $30 a month, you will be assigned a child. That chld and their family will begin to receive much needed school help, food and much more. We've supported three children in this way for the past eight years or so and it has been a wonderful experience getting to know them through letters and photos. For more info on how you can help a child [click here].