Orange County Whale Watching Adventures are the World's Best

Orange County whale watching is the best dolphin and whale watching in the world!

In places such as Kaikoura, New Zealand, there are sperm whales year round and other whales at various times of the year but the weather is so very unreliable that they have to cancel 25 to 33 percent of their trips. The Azores have year round whales like Orange County but they don’t even run trips in the winter because of the bad weather. Hawaii is beautiful during the winter months, however they don't see baleen whales in the summer. Only whale watching in Orange County, just two miles from shore in normally calm seas, can you see mega-pods of wild dolphins and magnificent whales.

Orange County whale watching trips have more blue whales and dolphins and the best whale watching weather of anywhere on earth.

Save the Whales!

1,000 dolphins and whales are dying every day, worldwide, from entanglement in fishing gear.

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Capt. Dave's award winning book, Lily, A Gray Whale's Odyssey, offers a fascinating look into the life of a gray whale. 'Lily' features scientifically accurate gray whale information and one of the best collection of gray whale photos ever assembled. Preview and purchase.

  • May 7
    2 Bottlenose Dolphins
    2 Gray Whales
    1 Trip
  • May 6
    287 Common Dolphins
    6 Gray Whales
    6 Trips
  • May 5
    525 Common Dolphins
    5 Trips
  • May 4
    600 Common Dolphins
    8 Gray Whales
    2 Trips
  • May 3
    3 Bottlenose Dolphins
    420 Common Dolphins
    10 Gray Whales
    3 Trips
  • May 2
    100 Common Dolphins
    20 Pacific White-Sided Dolphins
    6 Gray Whales
    2 Trips
  • May 1
    350 Common Dolphins
    4 Gray Whales
    2 Trips
  • April 30
    2000 Common Dolphins
    4 Gray Whales, 2 Humpback Whales, 1 Fin Whale
    2 Trips
  • April 29
    33 Bottlenose Dolphins
    650 Common Dolphins
    2 Gray Whales
    6 Trips
  • April 28
    7 Bottlenose Dolphins
    145 Common Dolphins
    6 Gray Whales
    4 Trips

 Orange County Whales & Dolphins in the News

About Orange County Whale Watching

Orange County whale watching are offered by Captain Dave's Dolphin and Whale Watching Safari. Orange County whale watching trips are incredibly exciting adventures for adults and kids. If you are looking for things to do in Orange County, please consider our most unique Orange County whale watching and dolphin watching trips.

Orange County, California, is home to Disneyland and only about one hour north of SeaWorld in San Diego. Orange County whale watching trips are perfect for visiting families and locals of San Diego, Dana Point, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Long Beach, and Los Angeles.

During the winter and spring Orange County whale watching trips see migrating gray whales. During the summer and fall months whale watching Orange County safaris see the largest animal in the world, giant blue whales. Throughout the year Orange County whale watching trips see minke whales, fin whales, humpback whales, killer whales, and more. Five species of wild dolphins inhabit Orange County waters too. Whale watching Orange County trips can see mega-pods of dolphins up to 10,000 strong!

Whale Watching Videos

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Eye to eye with the largest creature on the planet, the Blue Whale, seen from Captain Dave's Dolphin and Whale Watching Safari
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